E-mail me for a copy of my memoir, “Innocence Stolen, Hope Restored: A Troubled Teen’s Journey From Brokenness to Redemption”. Cost: $10 plus $3 shipping.

Back Cover:

After Sarah is raped at age four, her life is plunged into confusion and shame. Her teenage years are filled with self-hatred as she faces parental neglect, emotional abuse, bullying, and sexual harassment. Sarah desperately needs love and affection. Instead of receiving it in a healthy way, she cries out for help through alcohol abuse, drugs, a series of boyfriends, self-injury, and multiple suicide attempts. At times, it seems no one notices or cares. Through it all, God relentlessly pursues Sarah’s heart. What will it take for Sarah to hear His voice and realize that she is a precious and beloved child of God?

Innocence Stolen, Hope Restored will break your heart and fill you with compassion for those suffering in silence from self-injury. Sarah’s story is all too relevant for today’s youth. Two million cases of self-injury among teenage girls are reported every year, and more than half of all self-injurers have been sexually abused. One out of every eleven teens attempts suicide each year. Sarah’s story is a testimony to the power of God’s love to heal and transform shattered lives. Will you hear the cries of the broken and point them toward the only One who can set them free?

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